Phew, I have just about recovered from the 17 week epic that was Wolf Hall! It was a fantastic job with a fantastic team and I miss them all terribly already! We had such a lovely time doing the tour of all the National Trust properties between Devon and Gloucester, Wales and Kent!! We had a huge cast and some challenging scenes, I think the finished product will look and sound amazing though.

Simon Clark and I went pretty much straight on to The Go-Between, a remake of the 70's classic, apparently!
It was tough because in the story a boy casts a spell for it to be the hottest summer ever! This meant, every time the sun showed any signs of being out we'd all rush outside and up a hill in to a field to film a scene in the sun. Unfortunately, England being how it is, by the time we'd all got all the kit up the hill we very often had to abandon the idea and take it all back down again before we got rained on!! It was good fun though. Regrettably, I had to leave early for family reasons. I wish them all the best and lots of sunshine for the rest of the shoot!!

I am in California for the rest of September for my brothers wedding which is very exciting!
I will be back and available for work from the 6th of October so if you need a boom op, ideally near Bristol but of course I will travel, then
please    Contact Me

I hope you are all busy and well,

All the best x

Updated - 12/09/14