I found myself working on live television one winter and thought it was a brilliant place to spend the cold and wet months! It was exciting being live on air and the build up was fast paced but really fun.

I worked for Endemol West, originally on Brainteaser where I was Floor Assistant to cameras as well as sound, I was responsible for radio micing everyone and looking after the presenter and guests on the floor, again something my personality is suited to. Sometimes I had the opportunity to go into the gallery and watch the Mixer. This was great as it was such a busy sound show so it was fascinating to watch their busy hands (and feet!) and I remember thinking how impossible it looked, however when Brainteaser was cancelled I was promoted to Gala TV. This was an 8 hour shift, live on air from 5pm to 1am 365 days a year, yes, I have seen in the New Year live on telly on channel 861!!

I was still only assisting but because it was such a long shift the Sound Supervisor opened the show and did the first hour then I got to mix alternate hours. This show was also challenging and fast paced with 6 radio mics to mix and constant music changes, link beds then different beds for every stage of every game so you had to know the schedule and be really on the ball all night! It was a brilliant experience and soon got me over the fear of mixing live tv, I am now confident I could cope with most situations and thoroughly enjoy it.

At the NFTS I was also given the chance to mix a live band, I don’t have much experience with music so this too was a great confidence booster 

I really enjoy live tv work (especially in winter!) so if you could suggest anything, please