This is the area I am keenest to get into to, I love Nick Broomfield and it would be amazing to have been involved in his films. I find real life fascinating and the challenge of figuring out how to record situations without rehearsals and second takes is the most exciting way to work.

Whilst I was studying at the NFTS I worked on 2 Documentaries.

Juliet Brown's 1st year project involved staying in a caravan on a farm in Wales for nearly 3 weeks (in winter!) talking to farmers about GM Foods. We had to be very careful because there has been a lot of tension between pro and anti GM groups in Wales and we were speaking to both sides, it felt like we were undercover and playing a part every time we spoke to someone.

This was our friendly farmer Gerald giving us a lift in the scoop of his tractor! I love that our work allows us to do such things, experience so much and meet so many people.

On the flip side of that, the Graduation Documentary I worked on with Chris Evans involved completely absorbing ourselves in Merthyr Tydfil life and becoming one of the locals. We hung out with Nazi Skinheads and drug dealers on a daily basis and even ended up moving in with them for a while. It’s a challenging situation to be in, surrounding yourself with people that you would normally cross the street to avoid but not only that, getting them to trust you enough to behave normally with a camera and mic pointed at them.  I love that challenge and I think my personality is suited to it well, I am easy to get on with and friendly.

Unfortunately, I feel technology is working against me and making it possible for more directors to shoot doco’s on their own. People have been telling me how hard it is to get work as Documentary Sound Recordist however I feel I have more to offer than just my recording skills. I am very organised and am happy to phone around and make arrangements to film in locations. I find it easy to put participants at ease and the directors I have worked with so far found me a great idea sounding board who helped them steer the film.

If you have any advice as to how I can break into this industry I would love to hear from you so please CONTACT ME